Daddy, Kajsa, Tobias

Tobias’ 3rd Birthday Party

In what is becoming tradition, we again had Tobias’ birthday party a month early this year.  His Name Day is November 2, and celebrating around then allows his birthday to be differentiated from Christmas and avoids scheduling conflicts with friends’ increasingly busy December schedules.  (We still celebrate his birthday on December 6 as a family.)

This past year, Tobias has developed quite a love of trains.  We conveniently have an active train track running near our house that he loves to watch every day from our front window.  In recognition of this passion, we planned a train party for him!  Here are some pictures from his party on the 8th.

Signs welcomed guests to McKenzie Station and Platform No. 3.  The food table and treat bag table greeted guests just inside the kitchen.

PicMonkey Collage 1

Train tracks lead from the living room, through a tunnel, to the kids’ bedroom.  There, they found a train with a black balloon “coal car” chained to the engine with white balloon “smoke”.  It was so much fun putting it all together, but it necessitated a new tradition.

PicMonkey Collage 2

Daddy took Tobias out for breakfast, thereby keeping the party set-up relatively safe until the party began.  Kajsa stayed home with Mama in her cute little train engineer outfit.

Tobias Birthday 009


Tobias’ friend, Adelle, enthusiastically joined in the train play.


And then they decided to read all the books on the shelf.  (Please note Tobias’ hand on her shoulder.  They are so funny and cute when they interact.)

Tobias Birthday 031

Tobias’ friend Jean also came, and here they are all enjoying juice out of their train sippy cups.

Tobias Birthday 033

Kajsa playing with train cars with Jean’s eldest sister.

Tobias Birthday 037

Tobias playing with his beloved dump truck Jean gave him.  It has buttons!  And a traffic cone and sign!

Tobias Birthday 040

Blowing out his candle in yummy Tracycakes Bakery Babycakes.

Tobias Birthday 046

Kajsa having a Babycake with Adelle’s mum…

Tobias Birthday 049

Adelle and Tobias having one with Daddy…

Tobias Birthday 050

And Jean over on a chair in the kitchen.  Cuties!

Tobias Birthday 053

These friends looking through the book Adelle gave him.  Superman Colors!  This book has become Tobias’ absolute favourite.  We read it together multiple times a day.

Tobias Birthday 060

And after all the party excitement, these two settled down together with train sticker books from their treat bags.

Tobias Birthday 066

It was such a fun birthday party!  And with how much more Tobias has been talking lately, he really does feel so much older now.  Another tradition we’ve been doing is to take a picture of him each birthday holding last year’s picture.  You can see how much he’s changed since his second–and even more his first–birthday!

Tobias Birthday 071

Kajsa, Tobias

Curl Up and Read Books

Today’s just one of those days: overcast, cool if not raining, cozy and perfect for enjoying lots of books.


They are both big enough to reasonably enjoy their camp chairs from the summer. Though, Kajsa was rather ambitious with such a big book! She doesn’t have that long of a lap.



We are all enjoying our new shelf in the Quiet Room. It’s just right to be able to find good books and easily put them back, which is perfect for a day like today.


Kajsa, Tobias

A Few Cute Outfits

Here’s a collection of a few outfits the kids have worn this summer:

iPad 2413Rockin’ some adorable and cool sunglasses from Nana and Papa.  (These poses are entirely natural and uncoached [as if coaching these two for pictures would even work!]; I guess they are really just channeling their styles!)

iPad 2404Both working together on getting THEIR camera ready to snap some shots.

iPad 2564Uh oh.  Looks like someone got into Mama’s purse and found HER sunglasses!  Sorry for the fuzzy pictures.  I love the dress in these pictures.  It’s from Aunt Stephanie, and it is so perfectly, sweetly feminine.  So sad she’s just about grown out of it.

iPad 2565

iPad 2558

iPad 2541Kajsa’s Swedish outfit here is from Nana and Papa for her 1st birthday.  Can that neck scarf be any cuter??  And the darling white dress is impossibly soft.  It’s an outfit I wish she could wear daily; I just know it wouldn’t survive the…enthusiastic living that is my daughter’s habit.

iPad 2538I don’t know what tragedy caused this meltdown, but does that face not break your heart and make you want to giggle at the same time?

iPad 2545 iPad 2320These smiling cuties are bedecked in Hawaiian clothes brought back by Grandma and Grandpa!  (Tobias has matching shorts that he wears with other outfits.)  They look ready for vacation…

And because sometimes you find some real gems when you finally go through your pictures, I wanted to include the collage below.  Because you have to wonder what happened right before that first shot.  My best guess?  Tobias got smacked in the head as Kajsa fell forward off the stair.  Such expressive faces…..

2349 collage

Pressgram, Tobias

Tobias, Our Artist

Today, we’ve been decorating some friends’ birthday presents with doggie stickers. Tobias wanted to keep helping (sticker-helping is FUN!), so I had him make the card next. After placing one sticker, he wanted to decorate with markers. He drew his first “happy face!” (He was narrating his masterpiece.)

So fun to watch his drawing already shifting from senseless scribbles to little boy pictures.