Kajsa, Pressgram, Tobias

No Such Thing As Bad Weather

It’s very difficult to live like that when you don’t really have The Right Clothes for the weather. We’re starting to realize that we’ve actually lived here in Abbotsford for almost as long as we lived in LA, but this time, we don’t know when we’ll leave. So perhaps it’s time to equip our wardrobes to match our home.

We intend to be ready for the onslaught of next winter, but in this back-and-forth, timid transition to Spring, we’ll do our best to Never Mind the patio is still wet and the sky is still overcast. We’ll gather outside in-between drizzles and enjoy the air and each other.

Some of us will also enjoy some drawing time. Do we have a little nature sketcher on our hands?!

Kajsa, Pressgram, Tobias

Bath Time Buddies

This bath was right as Tobias was getting his week-long mysterious fever two weeks ago. But baths are always a delight, so despite having some sick shadows in his eyes, he loved having a “bahth” with “buh-buh-buh” (bubbles) alongside “Thah-Thah” (Kajsa).

Did they both inherit something to do with their tongues? Anyone?

(Scheme proposed…)

(Scheme accepted.)

Pressgram, Tobias

Canadian Toddlers

Tobias LOVED having his little friend, Adelle, over to play. They get along so perfectly well, and they have since they were old enough to recognize each other in the church nursery (6 months old?). Adelle and Tobias seem to match the other in the amounts of enthusiasm and energy they exude, and it seems to bode very well for their friendship. They call each other “Dah” and “Buddy Bio.”

And what would two little Canadian toddlers do on an afternoon play date? Backyard hockey, of course! Admittedly, it’s likely less a Canadian thing (hockey) and much more a toddler thing (swing a stick around and whack things and it’s ok with Mom and Dad!).


Kajsa, Pressgram, Spring, Tobias

Spring Is Springing

Oh my, we are entering a fun, exciting stage. A greater curiosity and understanding in the body of a toddler combined with the emergence of Spring. It’s an exciting chapter for Mama too–learning to find learning experiences everywhere (even if it means diverging from “plans”)! We were starting our walk to the park and got as far as the driveway.

I enjoyed introducing him to ladybugs! He was a little skeptical for a bit (picking up anti-bug queues from Mama?). But once Mama poked it, it was go time! He had a blast observing the little guy as he walked, flew (!), or–oopsie–got flipped onto his back with legs a-kickin’!

But we did eventually get back to our walk to the park. Kajsa knocked out half way there and had a wonderfully cozy outdoor nap while Tobias and I played at the playground.

We are all excited to do much more exploring, learning, playing, and LIVING out of doors this coming Warm Season!

Kajsa, Pressgram

Kajsa, 11 Months Old

Kajsa’s 11-month birthday has come AND gone by almost a week. (When you’re counting by weeks or months, it just goes by so much quicker! I mean, she’s already almost 11 and a HALF months old! In other words: a few weeks away from her one-year birthday!) She’s quite a long lady, no?

And about a couple days after I posted her 10-month post, saying she would probably never crawl “normally,” she was crawling completely normal. It’s still amazing to me how quickly and suddenly these little ones learn. Currently, she ardently insists on us assisting her walking around the house everywhere and back again. Just like her brother at this age, I think she wants independence and mobility…NOW!

She has very recently emerged from a Major Crybaby stage. She was on a hair trigger for a full-on wailing fit at any moment. She’s much more content recently, playing quite happily on her own, exploring. But she still has moments of flexing her…determination. I think she has a pretty strong personality, knows exactly what she wants and when she wants it.

That’s been one of the top surprises as we have gotten to know this little girl. Upon first blush (including when we first met her when she was born!), she appears to be so reserved and observant. The fact that she’s also opinionated and outspoken (so to speak) surprises many, and that includes us.

And this scene is so typical of these two. Thicker than thieves, Tobias always needs to be right in the middle of what we’re doing with Kajsa (be it taking pictures, or helping her walk, or telling her “no touch”). And Kajsa always seems to know where her big brother is; if not in eyesight, she will certainly crawl across the house to find him.


Raspberry Fiends

It’s a good thing we live in the Raspberry Capital of Canada.

My children take after me–they love raspberries!

It was Kajsa’s first time tasting raspberries. There was no going back after that first taste! And Tobias was a little jealous for any berries I put in her baby mesh eating pouch. He kind of thought he alone should be allowed to eat the entirety of the big Costco container we had in front of us.

But between all three of us raspberry-lovers, the Costco box of berries did not last very long at all. In one sitting, they vanished, leaving…well, they DID leave a trace…

Pressgram, Tobias

Buddy Burger

Tobias is talking–I should say saying words–so much more! He’s really been expanding his vocabulary. It’s so fun to have him try new words (especially when they’re recognizable!). A first today: after church, he specifically requested a “buhgah.”