Kajsa, Tobias

A Few Cute Outfits

Here’s a collection of a few outfits the kids have worn this summer:

iPad 2413Rockin’ some adorable and cool sunglasses from Nana and Papa.  (These poses are entirely natural and uncoached [as if coaching these two for pictures would even work!]; I guess they are really just channeling their styles!)

iPad 2404Both working together on getting THEIR camera ready to snap some shots.

iPad 2564Uh oh.  Looks like someone got into Mama’s purse and found HER sunglasses!  Sorry for the fuzzy pictures.  I love the dress in these pictures.  It’s from Aunt Stephanie, and it is so perfectly, sweetly feminine.  So sad she’s just about grown out of it.

iPad 2565

iPad 2558

iPad 2541Kajsa’s Swedish outfit here is from Nana and Papa for her 1st birthday.  Can that neck scarf be any cuter??  And the darling white dress is impossibly soft.  It’s an outfit I wish she could wear daily; I just know it wouldn’t survive the…enthusiastic living that is my daughter’s habit.

iPad 2538I don’t know what tragedy caused this meltdown, but does that face not break your heart and make you want to giggle at the same time?

iPad 2545 iPad 2320These smiling cuties are bedecked in Hawaiian clothes brought back by Grandma and Grandpa!  (Tobias has matching shorts that he wears with other outfits.)  They look ready for vacation…

And because sometimes you find some real gems when you finally go through your pictures, I wanted to include the collage below.  Because you have to wonder what happened right before that first shot.  My best guess?  Tobias got smacked in the head as Kajsa fell forward off the stair.  Such expressive faces…..

2349 collage

Pressgram, Tobias

Tobias, Our Artist

Today, we’ve been decorating some friends’ birthday presents with doggie stickers. Tobias wanted to keep helping (sticker-helping is FUN!), so I had him make the card next. After placing one sticker, he wanted to decorate with markers. He drew his first “happy face!” (He was narrating his masterpiece.)

So fun to watch his drawing already shifting from senseless scribbles to little boy pictures.

Kajsa, Pressgram, Tobias

Potty Training Begins!

We started potty training Tobias yesterday. We finally had a week when nothing was planned, and we as a family had “caught up” to life. So yesterday, when we woke up, we just took Tobias’ pyjama bottoms and diaper off and left them off. He didn’t really like the feeling of going commando and kept asking for a diaper. When we reminded him what he was learning to do, he spent most of the morning playing while sitting on his IKEA potty in the living room.

Our first day was an amazing success. Not one accident. Grandma and Grandpa Unger will be amused to know: right before we were sitting down for supper, he ran over to the potty to use it (he is his father’s son…?). But I was surprised to see he was already sensing his need to go and getting to the potty in time. Let’s just say, because of this, I wasn’t prepared for today… Puddle City.

Surprisingly enough, Tobias’ puddles weren’t the only ones I cleaned today; Kajsa had to get in on the action right before a bath! Funny girl.

But during nap time today (when everyone was down!), I got some great pointers from my friend, Rardi.

This afternoon, despite a few more puddles, has gone much smoother. We are supplying Tobias bottomless juice and setting the timer for 15 minutes. He sits down every time and goes if he needs to. He’s scored many more Smarties this afternoon (his pee-in-the-potty reward).

I guess today has been a success after all…

Kajsa, Pressgram, Tobias

Many Missed Milestones

With Lyndon enduring an acute episode with his liver–and we all enduring our own trials as a result, I’ve not posted many photos and mile markers of growth for both Tobias and Kajsa. They do continue to grow, and we continue to delight in each nuanced change (regardless of the lack of documentation). :)

This little 14-month-old girl is now fully walking, and she is thrilled by this development! She now “chases” Tobias; he squeals and runs away from her with her giggling and toddling after him.

Tobias got a brand new balance bike from Grandma and Grandpa, and he has warmed up to it quite well–we can’t wait to take him to the park to see how he does with space to really pick up some speed!

He has gone from calling Kajsa “Tha-Tha” to, just today, calling her “Kajsee.” He’s so close!

Is it a girl thing, a second-born thing, or specifically a Kajsa thing? She is an INCREDIBLE imitator! Actions, patterns (like dressing and undressing–one arm, then the next arm), and even words. Of course I only have Tobias as a reference (who communicated in his own way but words came much later), Kajsa says words and tries new sounds regularly (but so far only knows–and pays attention to–two signs: “more” and “all done”).

Speaking of imitating, it goes both ways with these two!

And speaking of speaking, Tobias’ talking has utterly exploded! It is so fun to hear all the articulated thoughts in his mind. One of his most common phrases right now is “outta way.” It’s used for cars, trains, people… Sometimes it’s narrative (like “that car is getting out of the way of that other car”). Sometimes it’s imperative (like “we need to get out of the way for a person coming towards us”). And sometimes it’s used in play…right before a crashhhh!

Kajsa, Pressgram

First-Time Potty

This morning, Kajsa used the potty for the very first time! It all happened so casually, after her morning bottle. She was so proud of herself (so was her Mum)!

I should mention: these pictures were taken after the fact. She, of course, used the potty without her jammies on.

We ran the gamut of emotions during this photo shoot. Contemplation…



And…a turtle-y emotion??